Home Insurance In Houston, Texas

Safeguard your home and personal property in Houston, TX with the comprehensive insurance coverage offered by Eaves & Associates, LLC. Whether you own an apartment, townhouse, condo or any other residential property in the city, insurance protection is simply indispensable. Having home insurance gives you peace of mind that your valuable asset is protected, both inside out, against unforeseen circumstances. When you get in touch with our insurance agents,you can rest assured of receiving the best possible coverage for your home in Houston.

Home Insurance Policies In Houston

Most home insurance policies we offer include the following coverage:

  • Dwelling (Home Structure):This coverage pays the repair costs following any sort of damage to the physical structure of the home.
  • Personal Property:This is applicable to the valuable possessions stored inside the insured home. These may include electronics, furniture, jewelry, antique items etc. The policy will pay for the repair or replacement of the insured items in case of theft/damage.
  • Liability Protection:Under this coverage, homeowners can claim compensation for the legal costs in case they are found to be legally responsible for the injury caused to a guest on their property.
  • Other Structures:It is beneficial for the people who have various structures attached to their home, such as a garage or storage shed. The coverage pays for the cost of repairing or rebuilding these structures in case of any damage.
  • Living Expenses:This includes the expenses incurred when your home has been damaged to an extent that it becomes temporarily unlivable. Depending upon your policy limits, the insurance coverage will pay for your additional living expenses, including accommodation, food transportation etc.
  • Guest Medical Protection:It pays for the medical bills of a guest injured on your home in Houston. The coverage also includes injuries that may occur away from the house but can hold you legally responsible, such as when your dog bites someone.

How To Get A Home Insurance Quote?

To find the right home insurance policy in Houston, request a quote with Eaves & Associates, LLC. You can call at (281) 763 – 7283 or click here and our insurance representatives will get in touch with you in the shortest possible time. We will help you assess the value of your home and the personal belongings so you can decide the level of coverage that you need. We will assist you in finding the best policy designed to safeguard your home in Houston.

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