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If you currently own a home in Cypress, TX or are planning to buy one in the near future, it is advisable that you buy a homeowner’s insurance to safeguard your investment against potential damages. The policy will protect you in case of unexpected natural or man-made perils such as theft, fire, water damage, hailstorm, hurricane, vandalism etc. We, at Eaves & Associates, LLC, provide tailored home insurance plans so that you get the exact type of coverage you need for your residential property in Cypress. Our experienced agents will help you find a policy that fulfills your lender’s requirements and suits your coverage needs and budget.

Comprehensive Insurance Protection For Homeowners In Cypress

When you buy home insurance through Eaves & Associates, LLC, you can rest assured of receiving the most extensive coverage options at an affordable cost. Our agents will elaborate on the insurance plans available and help customize a policy to suit your specific coverage requirements. Given below are some of the home insurance coverage we have to offer in Cypress:

  • Dwelling – It provides protection to the physical structure of your home in the event of damage occurred due to a covered incident.
  • Other Structures – This coverage option encompasses the structures that are not attached but are a part of the home, such as garage or shed.
  • Personal Liability – It covers the cost of defense in a court when someone files a lawsuit, holding you responsible for the property damage or bodily injury suffered by him.
  • Personal Property – Under this coverage, you can claim coverage for your personal belongings if they get stolen or damaged. These may include furniture, clothing, electronics and other valuable possessions stored within the house.
  • Loss Of Use – It offers compensation for your expenses, including food, accommodation and transportation, when your house is damaged to an extent that it becomes temporarily uninhabitable.
  • Medical Payments – The home insurance policy will also provide coverage in case a guest or tenant is injured on your property, provided that the incident occurred due to your negligence.

Why Choose Us For Home Insurance In Cypress?

As an independent agency serving Cypress, we work with some of the leading carriers across the city to get you a home insurance policy with the lowest possible rates. We understand that each of our clients have a different set of requirements and specific budget. That is why, we follow a tailored approach to help you find a policy that provides the coverage you need for your home in Cypress.

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